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Advocating Through Fashion.

This brand was created for black and brown women who continue to stand on the margins for our Latina and Hispanic sisters, our black and brown men, our children, and all the above, while still facing oppression.

This brand was created because I am tired of seeing black girls and women stereotyped and forced to show up in any other way that is not true to who they are. This brand was created for those people who actually believe that black girls and women matter; that they need protection; that they need to be loved; and that they need to be treated as human.

We are in a time where supporting black-owned businesses are in, where backing black people is a fad. This is more than that. This is more than a fad, a t-shirt, or even a company. This is bigger than this company. This is bigger than me. My hope is for, one shirt at a time, we can begin to think about what it means to advocate for black and brown women; what it means for little black and brown girls growing up in America, and how this could possibly change the trajectory of their lives and how institutions are set up for them. 

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