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Black Girl Advocate supports current work in the community for black girls and women. 

The founder, Shamaria Jordan, works closely with black girls in Minneapolis to provides them opportunities and relationships to help them grow into the women they desire to be. She mentors girls in the community, opening her home and life to them, in hopes to inspire them for their own lives.


She desires to provide support groups in the community and school districts that focuses on the wholeness of black girls in all spaces. She doesn't collect profits from Black Girl Advocate, because she believes that by investing into the current needs that black girls have, we can change the trajectory of the community. ​

Contributions go to the needs of black girls in the community, including, but not limited too, food needs, educational needs, and social/emotional needs.​

Currently, though, we are raising funds for the 1st annual Cultural & College Tour, where girls don't have to pay anything to attend. The heart behind collecting donations for this trip are so that finances are not a barrier for any girl in attendance. Most of the girls we work with come from financially unstable homes, and we still desire for girls to experience life-changing opportunities. 

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